Los Angeles, CA – Paws & Pals, a leading pet-product supplier based in Los Angeles, has introduced a new ‘No Waste, Dual-Opening’ pet shampoo bottle at the SuperZoo trade show recently in Las Vegas, as part of the show’s New Product Innovation Showcase. The patented bottle design has a hand pump on top, and an innovative, flip lid on the bottom, allowing consumers to enjoy every last drop of product, drastically reducing waste.

A pet shampoo bottle with a pump dispenser and a squeeze cap on the bottom? Never heard of it? Meet our new bottle. The dual pump dispenser is an innovative and revolutionary design. Our newly patented bottle features a double-sided dispenser, making an easy, enjoyable, and efficient experience. The top half features a pump dispenser, while the bottom features a squeeze cap, all in one bottle.

Regardless of your preference, this bottle gives you options. The pump top helps ensure you get the perfect amount for your pet, while the squeeze cap bottom guarantees you’ll use every last drop, reducing waste and avoiding the hassle of banging the cap on your palm to get your money’s worth. It gives the perfect amount pumped and gets the last drop squeezed, says bottle inventor and company co-founder, Osher Netkin.

Each year, millions of gallons of unused pet product are wasted, ending up in public aquifers. The long-term cost to the environment and to our shoppers is unacceptable. This new bottle addresses both concerns,” says Joseph Nourollah, company founder.

Veterinarian, professor and social media influencer Dr. Adam Christman adds, I have multiple dogs and a large practice, so I have to be quick! I’m so happy to see Paws & Pals provide a solution for me and my pet parents to efficiently clean their animals—just pump and lather! I’ve always loved their shampoos, including the newer formulations, and their new bottle will definitely help speed things along.” The new dual-dispense bottle is anticipated to be on retail shelves in December of 2021.

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Paws & Pals (https://pawsandpals.com) is a leading pet products supplier based in Gardena, California with quality products available online and in major retailers throughout the United States. Selling quality and trend-setting pet supplies isn’t just a good business model, it’s our passion. That’s why we’ve gathered the finest ingredients and the most innovative designers from around the world to create honest, hand-crafted products for pets and pet parents. With one paw in the present, and one reaching for the horizon, we’ll soon be in every home across America. —founder Joseph Nourollah.

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